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Experienced client-serving experts

Kelly & Yang's audit and risk consultants come with decades more experience than the rookies often supplied by the big firms.  Under Kelly & Yang's Quality Management System all client-serving personnel must have completed their academic and professional qualifications and have more than a decade of professional experience under their belts.  

Dr Chris Kelly
Chris founded the London firm in 2007.  After qualifying with one of the Big 4 accountancy firms he moved into industry where he sharpened his commercial investigative skills and developed the intellectual property and expert network that makes our firm unique.  With results that frequently surprised and delighted management, many became clients of the firm.  His papers on risk management, forensic accounting and data mining have been published globally and can be accessed via the Kelly & Yang Academy.  He has won several awards including the Institute of Internal Auditors prestigious John B Thurston award.  

Junqing Yang
Junqing worked as a lawyer in Beijing China before setting up a public relations company and later moving to London.  Junqing is the firm's quality control, marketing, public relations and administration director.  Fluent in English and Mandarin, Junqing specializes in corporate governance and internal control challenges in Chinese businesses.  Her published papers can be accessed via the Kelly & Yang Academy.  

Kelly & Yang's associates are professionally qualified in their respective areas of specialization with experience ranging from 10 to 30+ years.  By keeping employment, premises and marketing overheads down, we share those savings with clients through rates which are lower than our competitors.  In this way clients get experts who are more experienced than the juniors often supplied by the big firms, better year-by-year continuity of on-the-job personnel, and at cheaper rates. In fact much cheaper for this level of seniority.  Many of the associates are also published and awarded within their fields of expertise, available via the Kelly & Yang Academy.  


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