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What our clients say


Our aim is to serve clients better than our competitors can, particularly given the reliance of most firms' business models on junior personnel and high turnover of staff.  By contrast, Kelly & Yang's client-serving professionals are fully qualified and have decades of experience.  Our turnover is low, meaning clients get better continuity of Kelly & Yang staff.  

Here are a few of our client testimonials:

"You are providing a much better service than the big 4 for a whole host of reasons."

Chief Audit Executive

"Kelly & Yang has undertaken internal audit reviews across our Australian & US operations using insightful data analytics to identify opportunities to recoup costs, improve processes and highlight emerging risks." 

Listed company Director of Risk

"An outstanding job over the past 4 years. Kelly & Yang’s forensic analysis and auditing led to significant process reform, efficiencies, cost savings and cultural improvements." 

Railway Chief Executive  




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