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Kelly & Yang demands a great deal from you because our clients demand, and deserve, a great deal from us.  Forget work-life balance.  At Kelly & Yang clients come first, second, and third. To serve Kelly & Yang's clients you need to:


  • Be post-graduate and professionally qualified, and ideally published, in at least one of data analytics, internal audit, risk management, significant business process engineering or finance.  

  • Have at least ten years' post qualification experience.  

  • Have a verifiable track record in client service, added value and punctuality of the highest order.  

  • Be nationally and internationally mobile at short notice 24 hours a day including weekends and public holidays.  

  • Be prepared to put client needs first even if that means cancelling any personal appointments.  

  • Be fanatical about working for a firm that aims to exceed client expectations on each assignment.

If that sounds too difficult, there are plenty of other firms more likely to suit your tastes.

Otherwise if you meet all the above requirements without exception, email us with your resume/CV, key achievements and latest salary.

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