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Anti-fraud services

It surprises us how many organizations ignore fraud risk, and how many audit firms exclude the detection of fraud in their terms of business.  

Our experience suggests about 3% of people, be they employees, management, sub-contractors, suppliers, customers or members of the public, are willing to perpetrate fraud.  And once a process loophole is found, it can be exploited for many years often escalating in cost.  If left unchecked fraud can entail embarrassing, and completely unnecessary, losses particularly where there is also collusion with other parties.  

Owing to its secretive nature, finding fraud can be tricky.  This is why Kelly & Yang has developed unique proprietary data mining tools to detect fraud while it is still being perpetrated.  

Our tools have proved useful in detecting white and blue collar frauds by both insiders and outsiders, gathering evidence for successful prosecution, gaining recoveries and helping organizations to improve policies and internal controls to minimize future fraud losses.   


Our unique anti-fraud services are another example of how Kelly & Yang's services usually turn out to be cost-negative for clients.  

Supply chain fraud

Payroll fraud

Cash fraud

Vacation and sick leave fraud

Retail point of sale fraud

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